Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

Hey everyone! I've finally joined the world of blogging, though to be honest, I don't really have a lot to blog about! This blog doesn't have an overall theme or topic around which it is organized - it, much like yours truly, will be eclectic, offbeat, and highly amusing (y'all do think I'm amusing, right? I assume that's why you laugh at me...). I figured I'd make it light and fun - post cool links and pictures, go on random tangents, discuss the latest antics of my 17 month-old daughter Taylor, that sort of thing. Should be fun - I do love to talk, so I can't imagine not being able to think of plenty of absolutely scintillating things to post! ;)

To get us started, I thought I'd post some recent pics of Taylor enjoying some applesauce. Girlfriend definitely loves fruit - there are few that she hasn't eaten! Even when she was an infant, she went nuts over everything from bananas and peaches to guava and mango. She's also really fond of the dried fruits that Gerber makes for toddlers - she eats them by the handful! Anyway, we gave her some applesauce recently and let her have at it - she preferred scooping it up with her hands and eating it as opposed to using her spoon (which is evident by the mess on her face, LOL). Anyway, hope you all enjoy these! :)


Anonymous said...


I love your blog! I'll look forward to reading this as you post things.

The pictures are precious!



Ryan said...

What a sweetie pie!!!!!!

Ryan said...

Amanda, That was me (Leslie) under my bandmate Ryan;s name! I was on our Lolligag gmail and have no idea how this works! LOL Just so you know it's me! I need to figure this thing out! HA HA!