Sunday, May 18, 2008

Awesome Eagles Concert!

Mom and I had a GREAT time at the Eagles concert in Alpharetta on Friday night!! The guys looked great and sounded amazing! It was so great being able to hear the classic songs as well as the new material from Long Road Out of Eden (they performed my very faves from that album - about died and went to heaven during "Waiting in the Weeds"!). As many folks around me did, I took some pics with my cell phone - wasn't brazen enough to bring my own camera (some did, but I know that the Eagles frown on that, and I don't wanna piss them off - we were 17 rows back from the stage, so theoretically security could've seen it). I've posted some of the pics below; my cell camera is weird in that you can only use the zoom function when it is set on "panorama" (which is a series of 3 shots puts together). So, that's why the pics look the way they do - still looks pretty neat in my opinion! Most of the pics were of the video screen, but some are of the stage. Hope you all enjoy! :)

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