Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Review of MALT SALT

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Nothing like a shot of Malt Vinegar to liven up those fish and chips! Except for the soggy mess you are left with...! Take a stand against soggy fish, fries and anything else you pour malt vinegar on with Malt Salt, the world's first malt vinegar flavor

Pretty Yummy!

By Amanda M. from Lawrenceville, GA on 7/7/2010


4out of 5

This stuff is pretty good! I love vinegar on veggie salads in the summer, and this is an excellent way of getting the vinegar flavor without getting overly sodden veggies. The texture is very fine - powdery actually - so it absorbs quickly. I might like it to be a little stronger, but I do enjoy it a lot.


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Anonymous said...

Great way to enjoy fries without the soggy part. I'm from Western New York State (now Wisconsin), and the tradition of ketchup mixed with white vinegar, then dredging already salt-laden fries, is strong.

I'll find some of this and use it on my home-baked (fat) sweet potato fries! Thanks, Amy